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FREE RealTimes with RealPlayer Cloud
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RealTimes with RealPlayer Cloud
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The New RealPlayer SP - A Breakthrough!

On August 20th, 2009 RealNetworks launched the latest RealPlayer SP (or RealPlayer 15), the first media player that easily transfer videos to almost any device and share videos with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
Notice that SP stands for Social & Portable.

The previous RealPlayer 11 was launched on November 15th, 2007 and was the first media player to download online videos from thousands of sites with one simple click.

The new premium version - RealPlayer SP Plus or Gold - is the most complete media player available. You get all the RealPlayer Basic features plus:

  • Music to iPod, iPhone, iTunes, Blackberry smartphones, Xbox, Nokia S60 devices, Palm Pre,..
    Transfer your favorite music to almost any device. Listen whenever you want.

  • Video to iPod, iPhone, iTunes, Blackberry smartphones, Xbox, Nokia S60 devices, Palm Pre,..
    Transfer your favorite videos to almost any device. Watch whenever you want.

  • Advanced CD Burning
    The easy 1-2-3-Burn to create your own CDs conceals some powerful options. Like the ability to set up cross fades, normalize volume across all CD song tracks, or take out the gaps between different audio tracks.

  • DVD Burning
    Easily burn your favorite High-definition (HD) videos, photos and movies to inexpensive DVD-discs that you can play on Blu-ray players. View it on your favorite devices, e.g. TV, PC or Laptop.

  • 10-Band Graphic EQ
    Take control of your music. Optimize your sound exactly the way you like it with a superb graphic equalizer. Adjust your graphic equalizer for room size, input type, etc.

  • Crossfade
    Want to be a deejay? Now you can release your inner DJ and get jiggy with it! Add reverb and Crossfade between songs to give your mixes a very professional sound.

  • Analog Recording
    You can simply migrate your vinyl or cassette collection to the digital world and you can record your own voice for narration or a quick audio message.

  • Advanced Video Controls
    Adjust your viewer just like a TV set and enjoy amazing picture quality. With handy sliders you can tweak your video controls for contrast, brightness, sharpness, hue, etc. Settings are saved.

  • Toolbar Mode
    Minimize your RealPlayer to free up valuable space on your desktop while you're doing some other things.

Note 1: The advanced "RealPlayer Plus" is also called "RealPlayer Gold".
Note 2: To download other media players, please visit our main website
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